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Washington Jabez University is a religious institution exempt from state regulation

and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We endeavor to thoroughly train

and intellectually develop students 
through rigors of high academic standards that encourage intellectual
curiosity, foster global engagement, and a willingness to make a 
contribution in various ministries including  Compassionate (Charity and 
Social Work), Chaplaincy, Children and Women’s Ministries, Christian 
Counseling, Christian Education, Church planting and Administration, Foreign Missions, Pastoral,

Christian Music, and many more. With world-class Christian education, we endeavor to intellectually, 

spiritually, personally and professionally develop our students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

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The Bachelor Degree in Theology is designed to prepare students a board theological concepts. This is a

unique program is for students with a passion for scholarly research, teaching, preaching, and mission work.

Coursework covers topics such as Biblical Hermeneutics, Theological Controversies, and Systemic The-

ology. This program thoroughly develops each student through rigorous academic coursework as well as

personal and spiritual development. The following are course requirements for the Program. Courses must

be completed with a grade of C - or better in order to successfully complete the program.













































































































































Admissions Requirements

The criteria for entrance to the Bachelor degree programs are:

1. Completion of Application Form for Admission.

2. Three letters of recommendation from faculty, counselors, school administrators,

employers, or church leaders.

3. Possession of or candidacy for a high school diploma or GED.

4. A statement of the applicant’s Christian faith.

5. One recent photograph.

6. Official transcripts from all schools attended including high school.

7. Evaluation of a personal interview with a team of faculty members.

8. A sense of calling from God for Christian ministry. (Option)

9. Regeneration experience and baptism with water. (Option)

10. Church attendance and participation.



Method of Instruction


Classes incorporate lectures, instructional work in class, demonstrations, one-on-one tutorials, library research, and comprehensive examinations on the Bible. Except for internships and field trips, all instruction is conducted in a classroom setting.



Graduation Requirements


                     The Students of Bachelor programs need to complete a minimum of 120-semester units of credit and the passage of a comprehensive exam. The units can be a combination of transfer credits and completion of course work with a Grade Point Average of C (2.0). At least 25 percent of the completed work must be in general education. As much as 75 percent of the total semester units) may be satisfied through transfer credit. A minimum of 25 percent of the credits must be completed at Washington Jabez University. In addition to the course work, to graduate, the student must

be examined on his/her knowledge of the Bible by a written examination. To pass, the student must correctly answer a minimum of I00 out of 150 questions (75 from the Old Testament and 75 from the New Testament). The student will secure the request form to take the examination and the request shall be submitted 10 days prior to the date of the examination. The examination shall be taken at any regularly scheduled testing period. The student will be allowed to retake the examination as many times as the student wishes.



Graduate Degree Programs


                  The purpose of the Master Degree in Divinity is to prepare biblical scholars with a strong understanding

of biblical concepts and themes as well as their practical applications. Students are expected to engage

in graduate-level research; in addition to taking academic courses such as Advanced Systemic Theology,

Eschatology, etc. The following are course requirements for the Program. Courses must be completed with

a grade of C - or better in order to successfully complete the program.


























































































































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